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Orbital Fusion Technologies.

Orbital Fusion Technologies leads the orbital welding industry when it comes to provide quality orbital cutting, orbital welding, bevelling and squaring machines. We provide a whole range of products and services to help you improve your efficiency and productivity.

Products and Machines.

Depending on the pipe material, diameter and wall thickness that you are working on, we have a wide selection of orbital welding, orbital cutting, bevelling and squaring tools. Get a recommendation from our sales representatives or take a look at our products below:

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Axxair : Innovative Orbital Solutions

AXXAIR has been designing, manufacturing its very own orbital tube working machines since 1997. Their core business lies in the global tube working process: preparation, cutting, bevelling or squaring and orbital welding. With twenty years of experience under their belt, the group has become an international reference in this tube working market.

Aeronautical Industry
Semiconductor Industry
Food Processing Industry
Oil & Gas Industry
Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics


60 countries


20 years

of Experience