Orbital Welding Power Source

The orbital welding power source helps control the welding parameters in an orbital weld to ensure that a high quality weld can be achieved.

In addition, the power supply also tracks all the data regarding each and every weld (welding date, welding start time).

This ensures traceabillity at each stage of the welding process and that defects can be quickly corrected when detected.

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Main Features

Easy To Use

The orbital welding equipment features a mechanical profile tracking device. There are also available in air-cooled (A) or a water-cooled versions (E). The Axxair SASL power-sources are also extremely simple to use and handle. As such, users only require a few hours of training in order to fully understand the capabilities of our equipment.

Quality and Consistency

Through rapid improvement and innovation, we have been able to develop orbital TIG welding machines that offers optimal welding quality and are able to pass the most stringent x-ray inspections weld after weld.

Additional Features (Depending on Model)

  • Secured access through access codes depending given to different users
  • Auto programming mode for synergic creation of programs
  • Multi criteria search engine for loaded programs on the card
  • Tracking of program values and real used values through the color screen during the welding
  • Tracking of all events occurred on the system with history storage for maintenance purposes
  • Modular: AVC, wire feeding and oscillation card available as options and easy to install
  • Remote control with extension cable to completely command the power source at a distance of up to 30m
  • High performance water cooling system: 750W, 20°C
  • Daily counter and also total weld counter
  • Calculation of the total cycle time for each weld
  • Gas security detection prevents destroying the electrode if gas is not open

Our Partner – Axxair

Axxair has been in the industry for over 20 years and it is because of their focus on continuous innovation that they are now a market leader.

Their orbital welding machines provide precise and repeatable welds that are required in industries which require high integrity welding.

The orbital welding machine prices are also one of the most competitive in the market.

Orbital Fusion Technologies

Here at Orbital Fusion Technologies, our focus is on ensuring that our customers attain the maximum value from the Axxair equipment.

We provide comprehensive training to ensure that your staff can use the equipment properly and get the maximum value from it.

In addition, our engineers are ready to assist you if you encounter any problems. Countries that we serve include Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Myanmar, Brunei, Laos, Timor-Leste, Vietnam, Cambodia and Singapore.

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