Operator monitoring orbital welding system

Orbital Welding Systems

Orbital welding systems were developed to solve the issue of operator error in the gas tungsten arc welding process (GTAW). Orbital welding is a specialized area of welding whereby the arc is rotated around a static pipe or tube.

Because the orbital welding systems are fully automated, it reduces the probability of operator error.

The orbital welding systems are frequently used when there is a need for high quality repeatable welds.

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Equipment Required

The main components of the orbital welding systems include:

  • Power source and controller
  • Welding head
  • Wire feed mechanism (if required)
  • Coolant system (for certain materials and sizes)

The result and quality of the weld depends on a large number of factors.

Aspects like arc length, magnitude and pulse frequency of the welding current, welding speed, inert shielding gas, parent material, filler material, weld preparation and thermal conductivity all affect the quality of the weld.

A quality orbital welding system allows you to control most of this aspects thus controlling the final outcome of the welds.

Features of our orbital welding equipment

By focusing on continuous innovation and feedback, we have been able to become a market leader in this industry. Our machines possess certain unique features which differentiate us from the market.

Fixed tube

Our orbital welding machines are able to handle larger lengths without geometric distortions. Each machine can also handle a wide range of diameters.

Easy to use

The machines also come equipped with a mechanical profile tracking device. With the simple and easy-to-use mechanics, it is ideal for people taking their first steps into orbital welding.

As the power sources also allow simplified use and handling, operators only require a few hours of training.

Quality and consistency

The orbital welding equipment we that provide offers optimal welding quality that is able to pass even the most stringent tests (x-ray inspections) weld after weld.

AMI compatible

If you already own an AMI orbital welding system, no need to worry. The AXXAIR weld heads are compatible with AMI power supplies so there is no need to purchase additional power units if you already use certain AMI units.

Durable fitting and connections

The welding units are built to last and will hold up to the kind of abuse expected in a welding shop or at an on-site project.

Our Parnter – AXXAIR

With over 30 years in the pipe and tube fabrication industry, AXXAIR has grown to become a globally recognized brand.

They are also a specialist in other tube working processes like preparation, cutting, beveling and squaring.

They have served companies from a wide variety of industry like pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, chemicals and food processing.

Because of their in-depth knowledge and experience, they have consistently been able to develop innovative products and solutions to improve tube working productivity and quality.

In addition, the power supplies and weld heads from AXXAIR are also able to work interchangeably with the parts from AMI. If you already have an AMI welding machine, the AXXIAR orbital equipment will be able to complement your existing equipment.

It is because of these reasons that we continue to work together with AXXAIR and provide the best equipment for our customers.

Orbital Fusion Technologies

We understand that orbital welding may be a very new and difficult process for most people.

That is why we focus heavily and providing quality equipment and good training.

Our training materials and courses are very thorough and comprehensive. We ensure that your operators can utilize the maximum potential of the machines to really maximize efficiency and quality.

Whether you are looking for an orbital welding machine for rental or purchase, we offer some of the best orbital welding machine prices in Southeast Asia.

Not sure what you require? Just speak to our friendly engineers and technicians. We would be glad to answer your queries.