Pipe Beveling Machines For Sale

Pipe beveling machines are machine that creates an angle between the edges or the end of the pipe with respect to a plane maintaining a perpendicular angle to the surface.

The standard angle that it creates is 37.5 degrees. Other angles and special forms such a J-Bevels and V-Bevels can also be created on the ends of the pipes and tubes using automated pipe beveling machines.

They are mainly used for adding extensions and turns in pipes. Beveling is also an essential step in preparing the tubes and pipes for welding.

The machines are able to safe time and can also be easily operated by untrained personnel.

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Features Of Our Pipe Beveling Machines

With years of experience in the industry and after listening constantly to customers’ feedback, we have been able to improve our equipment to better suit your needs.

Fast and effective

The HSS tool is designed to operate at a speed which is 10 times greater than that of any other in its class. Bevel is completed in a single rotation of the motor around the tube or pipe, and is therefore extremely fast and efficient.

Stable and Accurate

Our machines also remove the excess and unwanted vibrations that are harmful to light weight machines.


The diameter range of each machine is extremely large and you no longer have to rely on specific jaws to get your job done. The setup also has a tracking device which is provides ideal preparation of the tubes and pipes for welding.

Our Partner – AXXAIR

Our partner and associate the AXXAIR is someone whom we are proud to be associated with.

AXXAIR is one of the global names in the tube working market and is a world class manufacturer of beveling machines.

The Company also has quite a fame and name when it comes to the production of orbital welding machines as well.

The welding machines manufactured by AXXIAR are used in various industries. They also have quite a contributing part in the manufacture of reproducible, documented and controlled welds with extreme accuracy and precision.

Orbital Fusion Technologies

Here at orbital fusion technologies, we deeply concentrate on the quality of our service rather than the quantity of our sales. Our service is what we are proud and that has allowed us to grow from strength to strength.

We provide training if you need your staff to familiarise with the equipment and how to use it.

With our focus on continuous innovation, we are confident of providing you with solutions that can easily help you to meet your deadlines and complete the job at hand.

In addition, we are one of the leading beveling machines providers in the entire Southeast Asia. Starting from support to training to delivery, you name it, we will deliver it.

Even if is something that we are not familiar with, we will still try our very best to help assist you.

We have a wide range of pipe beveling machines for sale. Contact us today to get a quote.