Tube Squaring Machines

Tube squaring machines are used to prepare pipe and tube ends for welding. This process is mainly used for autogenous orbital welding systems.

These high quality and burr-free pipe ends are normally required by pipe and installation manufacturers from industries like electronics, pharmaceuticals, food processing, beverages, solar and chemical.

Most people use the tube squaring machine because it is a great combination of portability, reliability, and precision. It can deliver high levels of repeatable precision required by the orbital welding machines.

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Squaring Machines Available

Features and Benefits

Tube squaring machines are indeed amongst the most useful machines in the industry today. Our tube squaring machines, for instance, have almost all of the features you need, including the following:


Our tube squaring machines give you a burr-free pipe or tube end for efficient beveling and welding.

The machines provide an accurate manual advance feature too (0.1mm steps).

Quick and fuss-free blade adjustment

There are instances when you need to use another type of blade for the machine to deal with the specific surface you’re planning to cut.

In that case, rest assured that our tube squaring machines will let you make adjustments on the blades without a fuss.

In fact, you can adjust the blade without the need to disassemble the overall machine.

Lightweight and compact

The machine is extremely portable and lightweight you can easily move it around your work site.

The tool also comes in a compact hard case so that you can move it around without losing any parts.

Removable foot support

The foot support gives additional stability when you need to cut larger pipes or tubes.

If you do not need it however, it can easily be removed and stored away.

Optional tool holder

With an optional tool holder, you will be able to perform 30° and 45° outside bevels.

QuiXS system

With the QuiXS system, you will be able to change the head or fit a chuck in just a few seconds.

This helps to significantly improve efficiency and productivity.

Partnering with AXXAIR

AXXAIR has been in the business of providing the ultimate solutions for innovative orbital cutting and tube squaring since it started its operations in 1997.

Since then, it continues to wow the public with its cutting machines that prioritize accuracy and precision.

It is because of their focus on quality and reliability that we are able to provide our customers with equipment to complete their jobs.

Orbital Fusion Technologies

Aside from the many valuable features that our tube squaring machines offer, take note that there are plenty of other reasons why our company, Orbital Fusion Technologies, is the ultimate solution if you’re in need of such a machine.

We offer high-quality products and services. You’ll never regret dealing with us as we prioritize the satisfaction of our clients in the entire Southeast Asia.

We aim to provide a high level of satisfaction by delivering high-quality service.

Furthermore, we have a strong focus on training and education. Our orbital welding training will ensure that you know how to properly utilize all the equipment you acquire.

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